Garmin Vector 3 balance and cycling dynamics

(Trisk3l) #1

It would be useful to be able to see the power balance on the Zwift screen, and when saving the session, the data of the power balance and cycling dynamics would be recorded in the .fit file.

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the request @_Trisk3 ! I’ll see if this feature is in the pipeline or not.

(Amancio Cordero [Zesp] Tacx Neo) #3

Yes plis de balance for the zwifttttt​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(Kevin West) #4

I’m less bothered about the data being visible during Zwift workouts (although that would be nice) but I would like the data to be present in the generated .fit file so that I could monitor power balance and dynamics afterwards.

(John Drexler) #5

I agree. I would like to see this particular feature implemented. I don’t care about seeing the data during the ride (though that might be nice someday), as much as during post-workout analysis. Now that Garmin has released the cycling dynamics data to other pedal-based power meter manufacturers, I suspect this will be an ever-increasing desire. Thank you for your development of such a fine piece of software! Ride On!

(fl33tStA) #6

that would be very great, then it’s possible to see training effect (Training Load / Recovery Time/ vo2max calculation, etc) in the activity file sent to Garmin Connect too?

(Derek Henscheid) #7

Any news on this topic? I just started using Zwift and am dual recording for now (with my Fenix 3 HR and Zwift). The data captured by Zwift does not include L/R power, power balance, pedal efficiency, Intensity Factor, Training Load, etc. The data captured by the watch does not include the distance/speed/elevation data from the Zwift route. I’m torn about which activity to keep because each one misses at least one piece of interesting information.

Another quibble is that any time spent in the waiting area before an event is not tracked. I usually just spin to keep warmed up, but still it is something.

I’m also sending my Zwift data to Training Peaks (which would show L/R power data but it is not available from the Zwift recording).