L R balance

(lukas ranicar) #1

would like zwift to include left right power balance in the exported file please.

(Jim) #2

I would also like to be able to see L/R power data from my PowerTap P1 pedals. That would allow me to work on improving my form while still enjoying social aspects of Zwift.

(Magnus Nilsson) #3

Yes, as new Zwift user I am really surprised you can not see left/right power.

(Miranda) #4

Yes, like many Zwifters, I use the platform in part as an injury recovery tool. It is really helpful to me to follow my L/R imbalance and I would love to see this info captured.


(Johnathan) #5

Add this to the custom HUD requests.

(lukas ranicar) #6

Custom huds would be ideal. But I think it’s a long way down the road. Just put it in the fit file so we can view it on Garmin connect/trainingpeaks etc after the fact.

(Jonny) #7

Yes please.