left/right power meter data

it would be good if the the left/right power meter data was recorded into the .fit file

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I would like to see this as well.  Even if it’s not used in Zwift at all, it would be nice if it could be recorded to the FIT file so we could use it later.

As a new dual sided power meter rider I would like this too.  A work around currently is to start my Garmin at the same time and use fitfiletools.com to combine the two files, though it’s only worked 2 out of 3 times, where the other time it appended the file instead of merging.  Makes my WKO4 look nicer.

Ahh, glad I found this thread!  I have a ticket open regarding the PowerTap P1’s I just purchased - its the dual sided version and i was only getting one power reading with no left right split.  I had read about aggregated data, but assumed it would still allow me to see the split in the PowerAgent or Strava.

Does this mean that whilst Zwift is getting the Data for both sides on any given powermeter, it still only produces a singe power stream in the fit file?

Ony 7 reactions? Are there more posts on this subject?

I agree! Should at least be recorded. And preferably be used while riding… but maybe it’s not really Zwift…  

I would even want l/r leg workouts. Want to get rid of this 2-3% difference.