New Garmin Connect Power Integration??

I recently updated my account to upload directly to my Garmin connect account.  It appears the power numbers did not upload.  Is this a bug? if not I may need to go back to using my garmin device to track wattage.   I have speed, HR and distance but nothing on power.  Power does show up on my Zwift profile.


Thanks for any help in advance!

Hi Brad,

No known bugs for this. I’ve checked my Garmin Connect account, and power is showing there. Is it happening on all your rides? If so, I’d suggest opening a ticket and we can look into it.

I think this is a Garmin Connect Mobile thing.  The Zwift rides are tagged as “Virtual Ride” and for some reason do not show cadence or power data in GCM.  If you look on the Connect web site, the data is there.  Also if you change the ride type to “Indoor Cycling” the data will shown in GCM.

Awesome, that works, thanks!!

So I get power data on Garmin Connect even when virtual ride is selected.  The only thing missing from Zwift vs a Garmin Edge head unit is IF (intensity factor) and TSS (Training stress) but I think that is because Zwift isn’t passing my FTP up to Garmin Connect so GC doesn’t know how to calculate IF and TSS.  At least that is my guess since the FTP number is also missing.

After changing the activity type to ‘indoor cycle’ the power figures appear on the first page but there are no power or cadence graphs?

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The power numbers are coming through but for some reason Garmin is saying I did zero work. I changed the type to indoor cycling but that didn’t help. The issue with this is that Garmin doesn’t consider the ride when calculating last 7 day load. It needs to be fixed and it is not a Garmin issue…


Can you please explain more of what you are not seeing on Garmin Connect. If you are talking about Training Effect you are not going to see that unless the workout originates from a Garmin device since it is a licensed option on Garmin Connect.

I can see there is an issue on Garmin Connect too, between the data loaded direct from Garmin Edge device and from Zwift.

Zwifts data is better with virtual map etc but the following fields are missing in Garmin connect

Intensity Factor® (IF®)

Training Stress Score®

FTP Setting

Is there something you can do with your uploads from Zwift to GC ?

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Oh right, Paul Allens response explains it.

Kind of pants.

So if you need that data you will have to upload from both Edge device and zwift.

Shame you can’t have best of both worlds and all the data in one upload.