Garmin Connect HR / Power Zones

Hoping someone can help on this as it’s driving me mad. Can’t ride outdoors due to an injury, so a lot more indoor training. Which is ok.

Issue I’ve got is I use Garmin Connect to track fitness. When I complete a ride, Zwift connects directly to Garmin Connect all fine. When I’ve done, for example a threshold or VO2 ride GC is saying base.

Checked settings in GC for my normal Garmin Edge for power and HR (which are correct), but does Zwift differ when sending the data across?

Double check your FTP on your mobile device (since for whatever reason you can’t set it on the website or anywhere else).

Sounds like your FTP setting is incorrect.

Garmin Connect → Devices (Edge, watch, whatever) → User Settings → Cycling → FTP

Also stay on top of Garmin updating your FTP; even if it goes down, or else those Training Effects will start to go afoul.

Another question I’d ask is whether that includes a lot of extra other-zone riding.

For example, my overall training effect for tonight, was a 3.7 / 0.9 (Impacting / No Benefit)
But for the TTT specifically, it shows a wildly different TE at 3.9 / 2.2 (Vo2 / Maintaining)

So if you were doing Vo2 stuff, but added on a lot of Z1 or 2 riding onto that ride; it will drop the TE down outside of what you’d expect.