Workout doesn't match my FTP

I did another workout today, and paid particular attention to the FTP before I started. The toggle bar was set in the correct position, and yet the intervals (part of FTP Builder Day Advanced program) were at 70% of my FTP, with the rest/recovery periods at 53% of my FTP. 

It is an interesting idea, to do 5 minute Zone 2 intervals, but if that is the intended design, you are not going to get buy-in from this Joe Friel-philosophy oriented rider. I hold out for the idea that there is a disconnect between my FTP toggle and the interval set point in the workouts … maybe I need to wait until there is the opportunity to load my own workouts into the system. 

Hope that is helpful, 


I think there are good points here.  Maybe create the option to download workouts created in Training Peaks or Garmin Connect.  This would give the ability for each rider to create workouts around their own HR or FTP.  Garmin has the ability to push workouts to their devices so maybe zwift can adapt to their file format and give the option to import them.

@Eric Abbott  Totally indeed!!!