Zwift versus Garmin Connect

I have observed that the upload of my Zwift training workouts onto Garmin connect do not show the full ride on the graphics displays. (Particularly and easily noted on the power graph). My ride seems to terminate half-way through a high power stage, about 10 to 15 minutes before end! All the other metrics are identical to My Zwift (which DOES show the full ride graphics display. Looking back on my rides, it appears that this has been going on for some time, I just have not noticed it.
Does anyone else have the same experience on their records? I am fairly sure it is not me, and it may be a bug somewhere. Mike.

I can’t comment on your specific issue but I’ve stopped syncing Zwift to Garmin as I’ve never been able to get physiological metrics to carry over. (training effect, training load etc)

Instead, I double-log: one on Zwift, one on a Garmin watch or bike computer as an indoor ride. I don’t sync the two but edit the saved distance in the Garmin entry as it never matches Zwift.

I also attach a screen capture of the Zwift activity and change the title of the Garmin activity for clarity. (e.g. “Zwift - Pace Partner Ride, D.Bernie”)

I have Zwift connected to Connect and let it upload any activity (ride or run), and I always have it complete, with every info.

Have you tried deleting the automatic upload and import directly the fit file?

I am also double recording with my watch, in order to get more data and Statistics. Double recording has a point in order to get your personal records updated (a bit annoying stuff from Garmin not taking into account what’s not recorded by a Garmin device).

To get a full metrics record you need to merge both fit files into one then you will have proper distance, proper TE, GPS trace and everything!

Thank you both for your comments. I have raised the issue with Garmin help-line, and am now in the middle of discussing the problem with them. So far, they have responded very well with the enquiry. I will keep updating this thread with any results, just in case there really is an issue.

Cheers. Mike.

If you load a Zwift ride into GC it does factor into training load, training effect, recovery time (as long as Zwift is recording your HR). You won’t see the breakdown for that individual ride in Connect but it does factor into your overall scores.

Fully understood, James. my issue is that the graphs that one can study do not show the complete workout. Everything else is fine, all the numbers are fine, but the graphs are “cut short” of the end of the workout. For example, the workout was for 45 minutes, all is listed as such, even at the top of the report, 45 minutes, but when I look at the various graphs, the recordings of the event suddenly are curtailed at, for example, 38 minutes, leaving the graph display making me think the ride was only 38 minutes long, and I had finished the workout, without displaying the last couple of high power efforts, and dragging the cursor also shows 38 minutes. All very frustrating! I should add that the Garmin Edge 1040 on training I also use is really excellent, and the graphs all show the complete workout of 45 minutes, or whatever I was exercising. So I think it is a mis-match between what Zwift is offering and what Garmin Connect is receiving. Just waiting for the next reply from Garmin help-desk… Cheers. Mike.