Estimated Workout Distance & Elevation

When doing a workout and selecting a course, it would be great if the menu would show an estimation of how much distance and elevation gain you can expect if you were to do that workout. Obviously, actually mileage will vary depending on how closely you follow the plan, but Zwift should be able to come up with numbers for if you were to do the workout exactly as prescribed and then deviation from that would be up to me (if I’m on a good trainer in ERG mode, it should be quite close).

For instance, I’m doing a workout in Watopia and I want to maximize my elevation gain on my quest for the Tron bike. Right now, I can mostly just pick the course with the greatest elevation gain, doing mental math to adjust for elevation per mile/km. I do the Mountain route or maybe Mountain 8 (I’m level 8 right now, so not sure if I’ll unlock better later). It’s less obvious in different locations without a mountain climb course.

However, I’m not sure how much of that course I’ll actually complete by the end of the workout I have selected, nor whether I’ll for sure make it to the greatest climbs. Same for if I just wanted to go for the greatest distance to rack up XP.

The information could be added in a way that doesn’t clutter the display. The most informative would be if you just add the extra two numbers to each course’s listing. Alternatively (or additionally), you could simply shade the elevation profile plot to the point where I could expect to finish the workout if I did it perfectly and then I could see approximately how much of the course I can expect to complete.

I agree that estimated distance and elevation would be handy.

But to address specifically your goal of maximizing elevation in a workout. Free ride to the base of the Epic KOM, start your workout and ride up and over. At the base on the far side, make a U-turn and ride up and over again. Repeat and repeat.

Hi, I agree this would be useful, especially shading in where on the course elevation profile and km you would get to for each course. I like to time my workouts so that I get to close towards the end of a route and get a route achievement badge, without needing too much extra work at the end, especially finishing up a massive hill if you’ve just worked pretty hard on the workout.