Climbing analytics

Hi, I got a question that I guess other climbers may have raised as well:

When entering a zwift climb we “only” get % and distance.

Personally I’d find it helpful with the total elevation gain (% x distance) supported by real-time elevation gain.

Same as you can get from your garmin bike computer when you enter a climb.

Why doesn’t zwift add this feature?

Thanks, Mads

We are considering updates to our climb UI. We agree there’s some super cool things that could be done here.


And can you correct the text for the Titan’s Grove Reverse climb, also? The gradient % has been incorrect from Day 1. Should be an easy fix, but never seems to get done.

Fixing or changing the mini-map profile so it shows the ride I’m actually doing instead of where I’m not going would be huge. I’d also love to know more about the next 1km or so than a tiny view of a distant future.

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