Elevation profile details

I decided to do a climbing session today, ventop in france.
(Since france was not available, i made an event in my club and rode solo - this may or may not matter.)
To me, zwift is missing critical data on the user screen.
All they seem to focus on is distance. Who cares about distance on a mtn climb???
I had to google the route to remind myself of the total elevation and do the math to figure out effort level requirements.
The elevation profile was useless! Why bother even showing it.
What are the bubble things at the bottom?
The red dots are start? The blue dots are something but not finish.
What are the green and z bubbles???
Im assuming the grade percentage is based on the kilometer i am in but thats just a guess, is it a sliding measurement or discrete?
Oh yah! What is with the flashing powerup? Why is it flashing? Like, hey! You choose to do this session and have control of effort with gearing but click on me!!! I can make it easier !!! Dont forget, click here!!!

I 100% agree and this is something that has long been asked about and one thing zwift have been completely silent on.

It baffles me as to why they don’t improve it or why there is no mention of elevation in the companion app at all. maybe one day they’ll improve it but i wouldn’t hold your breath.

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Oh man… Companion pushing over to something like ClimbPro on Garmin (or whatever it’s called on other devices), would be… so awesome.

I’m going to assume it’s down to how they have segmenting. It’s weird that things like Portal Climbs do kind of what I’d like to see on other climbs; perhaps it’s just legacy code that nobody wants to dig into and deal with just yet.

As for the bubbles at the bottom; that’s the remainder of the route, why Venn is as broken as it is… who knows (many others are just as bad though to be fair, the whole segment code needs a rewrite).

And this kind of proves it; the full segment route across the bottom I believe is Ballon sprint or Pave, the Aqueduc KOM, and the Z I believe the arch near the Marina pens… none of which are even on the Ven Top route.

I do think that the Ven Top route segment profile is among the most broken in Zwift though; so I guess… it doesn’t get any worse than that?

Look how much better it used to be though:

it is one thing that used to be better and got worse!

having the pointer in the middle of the zoomed in profile makes it so much more useful.

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The elevations on the pic you show is great! I could easily live with that!!!

The green one is a sprint banner. The Z is the start of the route.

The red chequered one is a KOM, which looks flat here because that’s the tiny Aqueduc KOM in Framce (which is dwarfed by Ven-Top).

The blue chequered one is the finish.

Ahhh, the z bubble being the route start makes the blue one being the finish make sense
Thank you

if you have a time machine those were from 2017!