Heads Up Display Question

I’ve been trying to figure out the Minimap elevation at the bottom of the “square”. Is there an elevation “map” at the bottom? I’m using a iPad Pro and it’s very hard to see the bottom and if there is an elevation map there. There often seems to be 2+ pointed dots at the bottom with different colors and I haven’t seen anything that explains what these are.

I’d like to be to the course elevation where I am and what’s coming up. The numbers representing the current elevation are just that, current. They don’t tell you have far you have to go to finish the climb or what’s next. Is this there and not visible? It doesn’t get any bigger when I click on it.



In a word no, you’re not missing anything.

Have a read of this. You’re not alone in wanting something different to the current setup.

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thanks Stuart, very helpful. The examples are great and better use of screen than what’s there today. Not only is the gradient not visible, but the symbols at the bottom are defined where? What does green, or red or the fill in the circles mean? Where is it explained?

And, if you’re using ZC, you don’t need the map there.

BTW, it would also be helpful to have in the center area, where all the other metrics are displayed, the total climb amount. I forget whether the total climb 500’, 600’, 800’, etc when I start riding. It’d be nice to know how much more climbing I have just in the same way you know how many more miles you have.

These small user experience changes make for happier customers.



The green is the sprint point.
The red and white chequered is the kom/qom point.
The Z is the start/finish line of the route.

That image is how it used to look before it was changed to the current format some years ago.

Although not confirmed it’s one of the things that Zwift will change going forward.

Thank you. I’ve been looking for a legend that explains this. Now I just have to be able to see it.

I’m looking forward to a change, I hope.