Improvement suggestions - Course maps & Ride on

Hello everyone,

would you welcome these 2 improvements?

  1. Much more detailed Course map during races so you can prepare yourself e.g. for climbing, downhill etc.

  2. To give “Ride on” to any rider nearby without necessity of using the Companion app. So you only use computer - click to the list of riders…

Best regards
Martin - Czech republic

Welcome! ALL of the courses are carefully described… Simply enter the name of the route into your 'net search engine. You will find ample tactical (3D) displays and helpful strategic hints in the associated articles. Here’s an example:

Edit/supplement: As to the Ride-ons… this is already available. At least on my laptop. If you select a nearby rider in the ride list at right, a “thumb” appears adjacent to the name. Select the thumb: Ride On given!


That’s good by 20th century standards, but I think he meant an integrated course map, with “you are here” indicated in some fashion.

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Like this maybe …

Though the OP mentions “so you can prepare yourself e.g. for climbing, downhill etc” so I suspect he wants the mini-map to provide better insight into the pain coming up as well, which the overlap of zwifthacks doesnt provide.

A vote for either of these is probably worthwhile:

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