Course Profile in the buttom of main screen

Hi all fellow Zwifters! :smiley:

Im pretty new to Zwift, and I spent several hours trying to get the main screen as i wanted, but i now found out i cant really make any changes.

What im really confused about is the only place to see the profile for the selected course/route is on bottom of minimap. When using a laptop, or normal computer with 24" screen, its like impossible to see. I would really appreciate if it was possible to turn the profile on/off at the bottom of the main riding screen just like the power graph. Color the whole course profile white, and what i allready have been riding grey, so i easy can see what i have done, and what its front of me…

Is it just me? or shouldnt there be like several posts about this. All know that a good ride is about planning, and if i cant see the complete profile anytime and where im at, its hard to manage my strength…

I hope it will be voted high enough to get in at some point :smiley:

No, it’s not just you. Search the “Feature Request” section of the forums and you will find that many share your thoughts. The best option we have is to vote on the existing request thread and hope that someday Zwift implements it.