Course profile not available

Why don’t you display the course profile?
The only information is the tiny profile in the upper-right corner that only display the current grade. If I ride a course, I want to know what’s ahead of me. Knowing that I am currently on a 5% hill does not tell me much… I want to know how long the climb is going to be, and if it gets steeper. I would expect to see the entire profile, and a dot showing where I am. I know this is available on Zwift insider, but I don’t want to have to log on another app to learn about the course profile. That’s too cumbersome, and I will have to memorize it or print the information.

They do (on the PC display). Just below the 5% and shape of the immediate slope is an indication of the longer range profile ahead with a dot for where you are plus coloured dots for things like sprints, etc.

I would agree it’s horribly small. The Bkool slope display is much better, but it’s about the only thing that works in Bkool in my opinion.

Thanks Mark, Way too tiny for me to be able to see it while riding. And I don’t think that it display the length of the climb, does it?

I see this question with some frequency and, probably because it doesn’t really bother me, the question in my head is always “How is this different than riding outside?” Can you provide some insight on this for me? I mean, perhaps not knowing what’s ahead IRL is frustrating to you, also, but what is it about knowing this that would be beneficial? Also, I guess my thought is that there aren’t all that many roads on Zwift, so after a couple of months you’re pretty well versed in what’s coming up.


Hello Nigel, and than you for your response.
To me the comparison to outdoor riding is irrelevant. I am not going to excuse a missing feature from Zwift with a comparison to riding outside.
All I want to know is when there is a hill, how long it’s going to be, what grades, etc. And the “funny” thing is that Zwift does display the course profile AFTER completing the workout, when it’s pretty much useless.
Happy riding but it won’t be with Zwift for me :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’d call it a ‘missing feature’. Sure, it’s something you might like, but how many others would? (I know there are others, because I’ve read the posts.) if we added every feature that everyone wanted in guessing we wouldn’t even be able to see the (virtual) road. So, some things don’t make the cut. Maybe someday that will change.

Did I miss something? Where does Zwift display course profile after riding?

I think, once, I briefly see the course profile after completing a workout.

On the iOS Companion App it shows the elevation profile along with your power, HR, cadence. See pic below (I removed power, HR and cadence so the profile is more visible)

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Previously in the game display we had a profile view that gave a magnified view of the changes in profile immediately ahead, and a clear view of the full course profile.

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Compared to the route profile now.

The route profile is at the bottom of the mini map and a Zoomed section in the top right of the mini map.


Just to be clear - that “route profile” is a semi-random selection by Zwift of a part of a course you may or may not be riding, with a semi-random left-to-right or right-to-left direction, indicated by an arrow approximately 0.4 pixels high.

It’s one of the weirdest part of the weird UI. I’ve selected a route, dumb app, you’re the one picking the turns… you know where I’m going, you can show me the route on the map, why can’t you show me the elevation profile that goes with it? Preferably left-to-right?


That is partly true. The zwift routes is broken up into sections and the profile will be accurate for the portion you are currently on but it won’t know how the next section may look so it pic one of the options.

I agree the profile need a bit more intelligence, especially for events/races and when you pick a route and does not use the manual turns.

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The app does know the entire route profile (notice the map shows the entire route, not just a segment of it). Unless and until you make a manual turn. The latter is the exception, not the rule. The elevation graph was probably written when routes were not common. I’d venture that the vast majority of users are riding set routes, but the UI is written to cater for the exception. Confuse the majority to cater for the minority - not quite the best way to design a user interface.

In all cases, the left-right/right-left idea is just plain dumb. Not only is it completely counter-intuitive, the direction indicator is pitiful. In the image capture above, quickly glancing without squinting, zooming or touching your nose on the screen, is the rider going left-right or right-left?


An image is worth a thousand words.

So two are worth 2 000…

LOL! That’s a good one. I suppose we could do the same for Zwift, though, right? :rofl:

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You may also notice that no Ronde Vlaanderen rider has course notes going bottom-to-top, and that Garmin’s ClimbPro feature always goes left-to-right. Weird, no?

That’s exactly what I want to see! I’ll check if it is also available on Androids. Thanks.

Exactly what I want to see! And they got rid off this feature? Go figure :frowning_face:

Needs a magnified lens to see it…