Large course profile

I’m enjoying zwift but really struggling with the tiny and undetailed course profile. As a cyclist knowing what hills and plateaus are coming up, where you are and how far to go are all really important pieces of information that at the moment are not well provided. After watts it’s the most important thing I want to know.

Why isn’t it across the bottom of the screen? Or at least have the option to move it there so we can see a large detailed course profile and our position.

Currently, the bottom of the screen is reserved for your effort graph (watts + heart rate).

That’s fine, but how is that useful in making decisions in a ride session or race where what you really need to know is what is coming up and how much effort you will need in the future? I could care less what I have done, I can look that up at the end of the ride.

Another option is at least making it available as an options on the zwift companion app - so I can see it on that device. There is so much info in zwift - most of it of average usefulness, there must be a way to have an option to get details on where you are on the course profile, what hills are coming up etc.


.completely agree - the experience is OK with the mini map - but the course profile is meaningless and does not allow you to “see” ahead. Zwift - a meaningful Course Profile would improve my experience in a meaningful way - turning Zwift from a “game” to an awesome workout “tool”… thanks for considering.


Upvote! Completely agree with Daniel’s view including he’s opinion of the priority of power graph vs course profile.


I agree it will be nice at the bottom, it can be a toggle between Power and profile or both.

Imagine having this on the bottom of the screen,


This would be awesome, very similar to what Garmin’s ClimbPro, but with a big screen! you have a really good option here Zwift! As OP and others comment this would help us to plan our efforts ahead better, thanks in advance!


Thats will be amazing and give us view to plan strategy of power.


I have just started my free trial, and mostly think it’s great but it seems a huge issue to not show the profile of the course. Even in some of the sections, like a sprint or certain named uphill segments, why do I only get to know that it’s finishing in 500m, and have no clue of how much effort to put in because I have no idea how long it’s going to last?!

Would love to see a feature like this, tbh I’d consider it basic functionality.


This would be SO MUCH more useful in a scroll across the bottom than the current watts. As someone else mentioned that can be viewed after the ride, It’s not really helpful during the ride. The elevation is what you need to know going forward.


Agree with this. The screeb at the upper right can be confuzing. Sometimes even showing elevation of parts NOT in the route of your race/ride.
And also sometimes you move backwards on that profile, thats is really confuzing.

A complete profile visible all the time, with current position would indee be helpfull.

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Hi Gerrie, is there any way of knowing if Zwift developers are reacting or commenting on this and other suggestions or is this just a wall of dreams? Your ride profile is definitely the biggest single issue i have with Zwift and is very much needed. I presume the complexity is the variances in the route turns that would change the profile and the program doesn’t know when you start which turns you might make? I would still be happy with a screen refreshed at the time of the turn. The key point is a profile is very much needed… well done !

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Ability to have route profile (perhaps based on last 10-20km and next 10-20km) as not everyone rides a specific route at the bottom of the screen would be useful showing where you are. Ability to toggle on/off like the performance graph (G key).

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The small map top right needs a lot of improvement. I never know which bloody direction I’m heading on that thing. I use an iPad and sometime led stream to a 50” TV and still can’t tell :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yes! This would be awesome. Even the idea to toggle between them i think is nice.

I too agree that a better course elevation profile would be a huge improvement. That´s the kind of small details, that people really appreciate.

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I’m starting to think it’s your fault guys for paying so much for a pre-alpha game. I mean, this thread is from 2018…this feature was requested long before. A simple graph…it’s just unbelievable. 180$ a year for a pre-alpha game when you can buy x3 AAA nicely polished products. I’d rather watch a wall than paying Zwift 180$ a year for this. I have a 2500$ bike, a 1400$ trainer, and lot’s of other overpriced bike-related products. But I won’t give Zwift my money anymore and not because I’m a cheapskate. Because they are disrespectful towards their customers. I hope more of you would boycott this company after the pandemic until they start working on this game.


why not keep zwift interface as it is, and add all these requests to the companion app? be much more use than just being a copy of the screen data.

I really don’t want to be forced to use the companion app. Riding Zwift on a 27" monitor have a lot of space for data. ( I have a 3 monitor setup I will be happy to add data to them as well).

Zwift need to be fully functional without the Companion app.

I don’t see the point to look at a 5" screen when having a functional 27" in front of me.

But I can see some people need the companion app.


So keep the unusable elevation graph on one screen, and add a usable one on another? Replacing the useless graph by a useful one sounds a bit more optimal.

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