Large course profile

(Daniel Harrison) #1

I’m enjoying zwift but really struggling with the tiny and undetailed course profile. As a cyclist knowing what hills and plateaus are coming up, where you are and how far to go are all really important pieces of information that at the moment are not well provided. After watts it’s the most important thing I want to know.

Why isn’t it across the bottom of the screen? Or at least have the option to move it there so we can see a large detailed course profile and our position.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Currently, the bottom of the screen is reserved for your effort graph (watts + heart rate).

(Daniel Harrison) #3

That’s fine, but how is that useful in making decisions in a ride session or race where what you really need to know is what is coming up and how much effort you will need in the future? I could care less what I have done, I can look that up at the end of the ride.

Another option is at least making it available as an options on the zwift companion app - so I can see it on that device. There is so much info in zwift - most of it of average usefulness, there must be a way to have an option to get details on where you are on the course profile, what hills are coming up etc.

Make the course gradient graph much more visible