Course outline

(Ian Russell) #1

Hi there, I am new to ZWIFT so may be missing some information on how to do this, or perhaps the feature is not yet available? On the screen (top right hand corner)  there is the upcoming gradient outline and the course outline - both taken from a side on perspective (hills, KOMS, sprints etc). However being new and not knowing the courses I have taken to printing out the course outline to help to know where I am and want to ride (turn left, go straight etc). It would be great if you could configure the street/course outline for each ride, ie a perspective from above, with a mark/dot/Z for where you are on the course. If this feature is available, can you please tell me how to bring it up on the screen, or if not, it would be great to see it implemented. Thanks

(Phil Lam - ODZ (C)) #2

Another vote here for this!

(David Griscom YCW) #3

Other than new courses, this seems to be one of the most requested new features.  I’d like to see it.  How 'bout it Zwift?

(Brett Martin) #4

Like this for example…

(Paul Bestwick ZTAZ) #5

Totally makes sense. It is a feature on many games I have seen.

(Marco Ensing) #6

if this would be a bit of a 3D map, you might combine it with the percentage climbing widget? 

And honestly how useful are the icons for the cyclist going in opposite direction? I would just take that out. 

(Phil Lam - ODZ (C)) #7

Would also like to see markers on the course outline of where riders that I follow are. 

(Alfonso DeLuca) #8

I’m sure they’ll get to this one day.