Climbing Goal

One of the undeveloped app areas under Zwift is the “Goal” function. It’s ironic that a racer must climb 50kl/31miles to unlock the Tron bike but nothing goal wise to map daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Not only do I recommend adding a climbing/elevation monthly or weekly goal, Zwift should invest some time expanding the goal functions so a rider can develop over time via there own design. If you need examples, review/research other training apps.

I do agree, and while they add the Climbing goal they can add TSS goal Please.


Strava just expanded their personal goals section, I haven’t played with it much yet and of course you need to be a subscriber to utilize it. Zwift could make a lot of people happy by making the goals more customizable I’m sure.


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Totally agree with all the above ideas, and while they are at it, they can add some more levels.

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:rofl: You crack me up!

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