Elevation Goal for Weekly Goals

We have Time and Distance as weekly goals in the Zwift Companion App. Elevation would be for some of us a fine new feature. I know, climbing is not very popular, so there won’t be many positive votes; but I would consider it a good feature.

I would add a request for a TTS goal.

EDIT: I meant TSS , Thanks Steve for the correction.

TSS goal (Training Stress Score)

I totally agree

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I will add HR (Heart Rate) and hrTSS goal.

This feature request seems to have been left in the past, but I would really like to see a weekly elevation goal added.

When I switched to the Everest Challenge, this would have helped me set that weekly goal of 3k-5k feet per week.

Now that I’ve completed that challenge this past weekend, this feature would still keep me on my toes for the next billion feet of climbing required to get my Tron bike!

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You have my thumbs up for an altitude weekly goal or monthly goal hopefully I’m not the only one.

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this is a great idea.

maybe goals for more of the recorded metrics? calories, TSS etc?


For those with Strava paid subscription, you can now set elevation goals in Strava itself may be useful for some until Zwift implements it

Another vote here for being able to set elevation goals. I’m aiming to get the “Iron” bike this year. That will mean I need to climb about 2,200ft per week for the rest of the year. It’d be great if I could have that tracked

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Love this idea, yes please a climb goal feature!