Adding a new goal (Elevation) Please vote Yes so Zwift add Elevation as a Goal!

Currently Zwift has two Types of goals, Distance and Time. I’d like to propose Zwift add Elevation as an additional goal.

Zwift allows us to determine the Frequency of our goals: Weekly or Monthly. And Zwift has two Types of goals: Distance and Time. These are good goals that allow a rider to set milestones to achieve bigger goals that related to distance. For example, the Distance goal helps the rider to set weekly/monthly subgoals to achieve the two challenges (Ride California and Tour Italy).

But measuring Distance and Time are not good interim goals to help the rider meet the Climb Mt. Everest Challenge!

An Elevation goal would help a rider set weekly/monthly milestones to monitor their elevation successes. Further, an Elevation goal is a great way to recognize WATTS!!! Climbing is a significant watt generator.

Please support this with you votes and spread the word to other Zwifters you know.

Welcome, Mike!

This idea has already been proposed. See