Altitude gained in workout mode should not be in Strava

When doing a training ride I don’t think altitude should be uploaded to Strava as it is completely meaningless.

For workout mode, the workout determines the effort, the virtual landscape is just a distraction.

But you went up that hill even if it was very slow. Zwift compensate for your speed going up even if you are in workout mode.


Then so is speed and distance according to your argument.

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I am not sure, since essentially the road in workout mode is flat, the wheels are still turning a fixed amount either faster or slower depending on resistance/effort which equates to a speed and distance for what it is worth.

Anyway I care not for either really, only HR and Power metrics matter so I can determine training load.

What it does do is mess up what to me is real climbing elevation for the year whether real or virtual.

Ok I think I see what you’re saying but it seems weird doing Z1 or cooldown up a steep climb.

Edit: IMO this still does not make sense. The effort I put in in workout mode is not related to the terrain at all so therefore should not really count as real elevation gained. I am really doing a workout in a flat environment with the resistance determined by the workout chosen not the terrain shown on screen.

The solution then is to unlink Zwift from your Strava account.

Gotta say climbing up Alpe du Zwift on my smart trainer sure felt like climbing to me. The only time it doesn’t is when I’m doing a workout in ERG mode.

Ahh I see the misunderstanding, bad topic title :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean in workout mode (erg) not in normal zwift rides.

Normal rides should absolutely count and are as hard as the real thing if not harder.

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Fixed topic title

Right got it. I guess as a workaround you can manually delete the workouts.

But I want the training load tracked so that I can see fitness vs freshness/fatigue so need it in Strava.

this has always bothered me, too. i’m definitely taking advantage of it on my quest for a tron bike, but it seems a bit… cheaty? i know that the effort level nets out comparing the workout to the actual ride, but the mental game is vastly different.

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This would be more of a feature request for Strava and not Zwift. Strava should have an option to include virtual rides in annual statistics or not. Zwift sends the gpx over to Strava (necessary to create maps and elevation profiles) and they do whatever they want with it.

It is a little hard to understand, but it is a similar thing as with the Zwift option trainer difficulty - in the end the effort is the same and that’s the only thing which counts.

Ok but they would need a flag in the file to say if this was a regular zwift ride or a zwift workout so it could be treated differently.

I want elevation in first one (since the climbing is realistic) but not the other since it is unrealistic effort.

Not really. Show me a steep hill that is possible to ride in Z1 in real life or even a regular zwift ride. You can’t because gearing would be impossible.

The trainer has no resistance because the workout file tells it not to. That’s my point the effort is not the same so you have not really earned those metres.

Workouts should be considered like velodrome rides. You can put in a tonne or little effort but no elevation is gained.

You can currently set the sport type to “Virtual Ride” in your Strava rides.

How does that help?

I just don’t understand this.

So if you are on the road in real life and you are in your 36/28 spinning up a 5% grade chatting with your mates doing 5km/h , do you count that as climbing.

That is the same as doing a workout in zwift going up a hill. I do not suggest doing a Z1 workout on the Alpe du Zwift.