Basic Feature list

  1. make the PC app map meaningful (add zoom level, put sprint locations on overhead map, etc.)
  2. make the UI use the space better (no need to have such a large blue box for watts, put it in the white title bar. no need to have a huge boost circle, move it to the white bar. Move the riders near me to the left side and allow for bigger map views. Basically give the user some layout options when you have a 32" monitor you want to see more data
  3. Tell me how much distance is left in any sprint or KOM so i don’t have to do the math
  4. Fix the stages on Alpe Du Zwift. Someone forgot that arrays are zero based. Include the 1-0 distance in the tracking.
  5. Add average watts to main white title bar and Avg MPH
  6. When you do implement the ghost rider, make sure you track it’s speeds over every 1/4 mile and just don’t take the total previous time and divide by distance to get speed. This way it is accurate for the segment i am on. Otherwise it will get way ahead on a hill and way behind on a downhill.
  7. PLEASE add a resistance modifier setting. Too many of us spin out the wheels on the flats and downhills. The current slider doesn’t fix that problem. I want to apply a 2% grade to all zwift gradients reported to my controllable device.
  8. Add some type of thunderdome type races like mario cart. Give the riders buffs and weapons, if you get behind, you get speed boosts. you would be shocked how much better a workout you get when you are trying to win a game.
  9. Save and Exit must die! Why can’t i go back to the main screen when something screws up?

Some are already on this link, make sure you vote it up: Super Common Feature Requests

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