Focus on what matters developers!

You are not going to gain any new subscribers by adding Fuego Flats, Timber Tustle, etc. You will lose riders if you don’t fix the bugs on important stuff.

  1. Alpe Du Zwift when you finish it doesn’t show the leader board, so you don’t know where you stand. This is on Windows PC, and I have the setting to toggle the leaderboards turned on.
  2. Group rides, when you get out of the draft you can’t catch up EVER. I was in a group and the mph was 25-27 in the group. I lost connection, fell back, and was 20 seconds behind. I averaged 28 MPH and couldn’t catch up.
  3. Customizable HUD, let me pick and choose what I want. I don’t need the boost button taking up 10% of the screen. I would like to see more leader boards
  4. Why reset the personal best times? This isn’1 1980 memory is cheap, keep all my times. Don’t you dare say use ZwiftPower, that is pure laziness.
  5. At lease keep my all time best time
  6. Ghost rider, let me ride against my best time or someone else’s time. You can do this because you added the Red Gate feature.
  7. LET ME SET A DEFAULT RESISTANCE MODIFIER, Don’t dare say the slider for hills it isn’t the same. Let me set a modifier 1-10 to add to any uphill or flat grade. So a Zero grade become 3 for me and 7 becomes 10. I am sick and tired of not being able to win sprints because I don’t get enough resistance.

I would vote for this one, it is interesting that I can get 1000W on the alpe (if I sprint 20-30sec) but at any sprint banner (or any flat) I can only get 700w @130rpm. Then I look at other guys putting out 1000w at 90rpm on a flat.
I use a powertap wheel on my smart trainer. I tried sprinting with my Powertap on a dumb trainer and I exceeded 1000W.

I even upgraded my drivetrain to a 56-11 to get higher wheel speed.

For me on your list:

  1. Don’t care
  2. I don’t do Group rides, so N/A
  3. Not a deal breaker, but would be nice
  4. After 30 days are they still relevant? I actually like the 30 day PR
  5. Agree
  6. To me it could be a training tool that could contribute to more over training on Zwift (do people actually follow the 80/20 rule on Zwift?)
  7. Is anyone else asking for this?

I think there are other features that should come before these.

Just my opinion

Yes I am… LOL

I can’t get over 500W on a flat, I have a mountain bike and upgraded my front sprocket as well, it’s only like a 42-11.

Yes, the old times matter. If you ride Alpe a lot and use a resistance trainer, you will know some days you legs are jello. I had a great run back in early july 41:30 and that is my PR. I want to always drive towards that goal. Now my 30 day PR is 44:05

I track my progress on every stage to see how far off my PR I am and keep the running seconds total in my head to see if I have a chance to PR it on any given day.

I have had two different trainers, same issue. Also a software enhancement is much easier than buying $1,800 worth of bike and resistance trainer.

Kinetic Rock N Roll

That sounds like a MSFT response. Reinstall your operating system!

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Mountain bike!? Put a road bike on your trainer.

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Three of the seven items matter for my Zwift use.