Custom in game kits

Hello ZF

Who is in charge of custom in game kits?

We have new sponsor this year with team “fusion coloquick ect” and we would love to have a new updated kit in zwift.

Is it still possible?

You’ll have to get your club representative to email to start the ball rolling.

You’ll obviously need to allow for communication between your sponsor and Zwift to do the legal stuff.

The support address eventually will go to a lady who will say that you need a certain number of people in the club, certain number of events run, etc and it will take a long time.

I didn’t bother replying to her any further. The club I’m involved with is mostly involved with IRL events (it is well known), we just won’t get the numbers in Zwift so it’s fair to say we considered it a waste of time. Our real life jerseys were designed, produced and delivered to everyone faster…

If you message me I’ll provide more details on who we contacted.

It would be interesting to see if they prioritize updating an existing custom kit over giving someone else in line their custom kit they’ve applied for.

My guess is that this is a feature they’d like to just ignore and not have to work on. Like Clubs entirely.

(Edit: not being bitter about any particular employees–I suspect that Clubs has been abandoned because the Clubs people got fired and it wasn’t assigned to anyone else, or was assigned to someone with too much to do already. But I am upset about the overall fact that Clubs has been abandoned, particularly when a few easy steps (that people were working on) would make them soooooo much better.)


From outside the company it’s always tempting to assume that small changes (from the user perspective) are easy. They’re not always easy - sometimes things are harder than they should be. Of course this is separate from the question of company priorities. I don’t doubt that clubs and jerseys are not at the top of the priority list.

For sure, I don’t want to say that everything seemingly ‘small’ is easy. But from what we have been told in the past as an example–the club Keep Together function was programmed and working and just needed to be enabled for Club Events to be able to use it. And that would be a massive improvement, as the current club rubberbanding is so bad as to be unusable. And plenty of clubs want to have private events that don’t result in the group being spread all over the place.

I suspect programming kit, the way Zwift seems to treat it, is probably very time consuming. That seems to be true given how they started off with plans to offer kit to a wider range of clubs (from what I can tell, that was before my time) and have drastically scaled that plan back.

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zwift reply

“Currently, we’ve directed our focus toward maintaining and improving the core Zwift experience, and the jersey program is on hold for the time being”

Then i told them that i asked the same question 6months ago.

I understand you want to get a new jersey design to add your new sponsor to it. I can imagine how valuable it is for you to have the design. I will make sure to use all my resources to further assist you.

"I appreciate you letting us know that you were already given the same answer 6 months ago, this helps us know how long you have been waiting for this program to keep working, and for that reason, I’ve escalated your case to look for more options to help you with your request.

We appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out. We’ll reach back out to you when we have more info."

I’m not sure this is feasible but what if they made the jersey files available for users to mod???

Take for example SCS software and their truck driving sim releases… I can (and I have) downloaded the PNG file for a Kenworth W900 and using made my own custom pinstripe paint job with my imaginary company logo on the doors

My time, my effort and no taking away from the time and effort the company takes for the most important thing they do … Making the best game they can

Just a thought

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On indievelo its a 10min effort to get the jersey in game.

More custom jersey will make zwift only look better


The jersey(kit) graphic files are cached locally on the device ( at least Windows and MacOS )
Even if you found a compatible editor you would only see the change locally - not saying that it wouldn’t be nice, but not really what we probably would like.

With the current Zwift backend/ecosystem - the maximum number of jerseys(kits) are probably quite limited :thinking:

That being said, it would be absolutely amazing if they introduced the option to create our own kits, but there’s probably more important things to work on at the moment ( like selling more hardware… :wink: )


Problem is, it is only shown for the local users.

A solution to that could be just showing blank jerseys for others who don’t have the customised ones.

In the days of old Flight Simulator versions, when people were flying online with some custom plane that others might not have (eg, some payware addon) a “VIP” default plane was shown in place of whatever the custom one was.

That’s not right unless they have literally just put it on hold in the last week.

The number of new jerseys in the last 6 months has been the most I’ve ever seen. one club with an existing jersey getting three new versions for men/woman and running I saw the other month…

best to request through

That would actually be a really nice solution… especially for a “screenshot-selfie fetichist” as me :grin:
Now we just need the editor and some Zwift support :wink:


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Was this ever really working? I remember they were testing it and it kept having issues and not working as intended, but did it ever get fully fixed to be ready to roll out?

don’t think so. clubs pretty much came to a standstill after they let some staff go previous summer. Shame really as clubs could be such a great feature but they are not taking advantage of it.

I thought the keep together function in meetups was working pretty well (at least for the rides I hosted) so not sure why it couldn’t have been added to clubs.

I’m definitely missing some of the insights @James_Zwift provided!

not in meetups, in club events, for some reason the same “keep together” function didn’t work for club events.

“keep together” for clubs were already completed a year ago, they testet it internal and promissed going public soon. But nothing happened since. No communication - nothing. Thats Zwift :slight_smile:

It be cool if they could do a color slider for bibs and jerseys. this doesn’t help users that want truly custom kits but sometimes you want a clean logoless kit in the color you like.


So after writing with 5 different people from zwift i give up.
You need a club with atleast 250 members, host 2 weekly social rides to get a new kit. Wtf zwift :rofl: Fusion is a high end brand with a world champ triatlete, multiple top 5 ranked triathletes
Hour records, road uci teams. (ColoQuick) cycling. Fusion esport team!

Im so tired of this bullshit platform.