ZRL Team Kit

Does Zwift allow teams in Zwift racing league who do not already have team kit to send them their club jersey and have it in the game. The ZRL team is also part of a main cycling club.

No, unfortunately not. In theory this was going to come with Clubs, but Clubs seems to have died in terms of providing any addtiional functionality.

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Oh well, thanks for the help

They are making kits in game more than they were but probably still a bit limited to slightly bigger clubs that have been around a while.

What size/how long have the club been on zwift?

Gday Gordan, the cycling club on strava has about 600 members but the Zwift club only has about 50 members and from what I’ve looked up there needs to be around 200 members. I’m not sure how long the club has been on Zwift because I only recently have been able to access clubs on Zwift.

They have pretty high requirements now.

Your club has to run a certain number of events as well as have a certain number of active members in Zwift.

I was trying to get Black Widows CC jersey in Zwift, one of the very well known IRL clubs from the big gran fondo rides each year (also known for the coffee van). That’s the jersey in my avatar - the ‘23 version.

I would have paid a fee to get the jersey in and sidestep the back and forwards. The coffee van with music blasting away might have been a nice Easter egg for the big climbs in Zwift - slowly making its way up the climbs supporting riders. :slight_smile:

The process for the real club and for Zwift - you have to be admitted in to the club.