Club Kit

Can you get you own club kit to wear on Zwift?

Depends on how big your club is and how active they are on Zwift.

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Club biggest and oldest in Barnsley and have over 900+ member

How active are they as a club on Zwift?

I have put a message on are facebook page so going to give it a week it see how many reply

The club would need to be active on Zwift, not just the members. The club would need to have group rides and/or races which they lead.

It can be a very long process to get an in-game club jersey/kit within Zwift.

To all intents and purposes, the answer to that is no.

Well, a handful of clubs have but I think they all had some sort of personal connection to Zwift. Someone in the club works for them for example. I dunno for sure, but almost no one has got a new kit for years.

Those that do get added to the game are normally for big Zwift teams and community/group/charity rides with large numbers. (Or pro teams)

The criteria are almost entirely opaque. I’m not saying there’s no chance at all, but it’ll almost certainly be a struggle.

Good luck!