Optional Club Kit

I really don’t think this needs to be a problem. Simply link the kit to the club. Not in the club, cannot access the kit. Simple.


Awww, but I like to wear my Vision jersey sometimes. It’s not like I left on bad terms.

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Do IRL clubs make riders hand back kit that the rider has paid for if they leave the club? I am not in an IRL club so I genuinely don’t know. Sounds extremely petty to me though.

No-one is paying for anything. There are many events in zwift where you wear a club kit but don’t have access to it afterwards.

Why is there no kit for this club still? I get things are being worked out for future clubs but why not just issue one for this while it gets resolved.

I’ll repeat what I said earlier. From personal experience, kit can lead to High Drama.

At least in Zwift, the drama is directed at ZHQ.

Does everyone have the Beta Jersey Acailable?

Only riders signed up for Beta program has it. That made it so of exclusive amongbthe community like a pioneering batch.