Racing Teams having their own kit.

Hi Guys,

As you probably know, team racing is becoming bigger and more important in racing than ever before on Zwift. This was demonstrated in the recent KISS EU where the majority of the field raced with their respective team, including: Team Experimental, Team TFC and Team Vision just to name a few. With teams, old and new, trying to create an identity for their team to be obvious and unique from other teams, I would propose teams to have their own kit such as what you have done for Team ODZ (a team created on Zwift and transferred to the real world) who now have their own kit on zwift. With the demands potentially crazy due to many people on Zwift wanting their own kit, perhaps only allow teams which are shown in races (team list on and only limit to people registered to those teams and no public code.

I am sure you will consider the proposal.

Thanks Zac. 

I made same suggestion about a year ago , and to support Zwitf charge a small fee , this would be so cool!