New WTRL rule about kits

If you haven’t seen the issue and discussion about the new mid-season rule that clubs racing more than one team in a division can’t wear the same kit, check it out on the WTRL Zwift racing league FB group.

was that not already the rule? not that every club necessarily followed it, but in my experience most teams already did. we had two teams in the same division last year and one of our teams used the normal club kit, and the other team used a regular basic zwift kit to distinguish ourselves from eachother for the benefit of other people in the division.

even i think that’s just good ettiquette, and i’m not often accused of being compassionate and considerate of others

The wording in the current rules PDF talk about getting permission to change kits if another team is already wearing that kit. It’s not a requirement as of rule version 4.09. I assume a version 4.10 is coming based on this new wording that our managers received :woman_shrugging:

personally i think it’s a fair rule, but i see the side where people might feel bad about not being able to wear their club colours also.

it’s a logistical issue… zwift could add something to the game like a nameplate feature (does not even have to be complicated, a customisable symbol next to the national flag for example) that riders could use to clearly indicate what team they are in, something that could be used for all kinds of team racing like TTTs, DRS etc, and then we could all be free to use whatever kit we want without causing any problems for organisers or other teams

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Seems a perfectly reasonable rule

Good news for my club is we quite literally just got new jerseys in the past week.

But for those that don’t have multiple variants… I can see that as being equally as annoying.

I somewhat understand the rule, but I struggle to believe it has that much of an impact.
So what if 12 people are in one jersey; what difference does it really make in how you approach that with that many folks it’s very evidently two teams?

I guess I’m at a loss mentally as to why it’s so important if someone is on Team A vs Team B.
If you know points wise, you’re behind say both teams, but behind Team B by 1 point… what difference does it really make?

Are you going to let everyone from those teams sit in front of you; or are you going to try to pass them when the time comes?

Which is where I fail to understand what this solves; especially for those who don’t have access to multiple team kits.

What are you going to do; ease on a sprint and let someone from one of the teams slip by and think “ah darn, I wish I knew they were part of the B team and not the A team…” because that would’ve made a difference…?

To make matters worse; ZHQ seems to fail at jersey unlocks for clubs almost every time there is a new jersey.

If this rule wants to be taken seriously, then clubs and teams need to be taken more seriously.
Team companion chat rooms
Teams in charge of who is on the team, and confirmed name tags on riders instead of everyone doing: [TEAM]
Team leaders in charge of jerseys; and the game itself granting access to said jerseys when someone is brought onto a team.

Oh and lastly; jerseys should be put on us automatically regardless; literally nobody should even have to think about these things.

As it stands… this is a bit dumb.
This is a problem Zwift itself needs to resolve.


I don’t understand the power of the kit.

If racers are around you and they aren’t on your team, then that is who you are racing against. It doesn’t matter what kit they are wearing.

I assume you believe that if 2 club teams were the same kit, that they are automatically in agreement to work together. That’s not true. And if it was, a kit would not prevent it as racers race with their team names on our Zwift identity.

Lastly, you aren’t prevented from sitting any team wheel. The pros do it all the time.

it was absolutely infuriating to go against two teams wearing the same jersey in A1, having to check and double check in a split second and keep a mental list of who is in what team, as well as hoping their ingame zwift name reflects their name on the start sheet, just so we knew what wheels we did and didn’t have to follow for a given segment

i don’t have to care about it personally anymore as i’m not going back to A1 in a hurry, but i have to assume this is what teams in other divisions also experience

but i think this can easily be fixed with a small intervention from ZHQ, it doesn’t have to inconvenience anybody

100% can; and should be.

We have clubs; we REQUIRE (not want, not need) Teams, and team management within Zwift itself.
Onloading riders, giving them confirmed racing club/team tags, and auto-setting set jerseys for races that have team jerseys enabled.
(And still; I would really appreciate group chats in companion where I can talk to my teammates)

I get some of the sentiment of not needing to chase after someone that’s at the bottom of the leaderboard who happens to be having a really great race, but I feel that’s a fairly uncommon situation “for the majority”.

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If you don’t understand the power of the kit, I’m tempted to ask what’s the big deal in not wearing it for an hour in a Tuesday night.

I get its frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. There is fair bit of entitlement coming through which just looks awful.

From a racing perspective, there are a variety of reasons why you would like teams easily identifiable:
Breakaways - who has made it, or who is going? Do I need to commit to outsprinting those with me if there are multiple sprints efforts in a single race?
Where team A is walking the division but team B is in the mix with those lower down - everyone has the right to a fair race and identify who they need to compete with or beat or let them go.

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Maybe teams get basic generic kits with some colour/pattern differences (rather than custom club jerseys), then Zwift does away with all the fuss of having to do textures for custom jerseys. :cowboy_hat_face:

Two problems solved at once, maybe a third too, since they don’t have to respond to requests about custom jerseys anymore.

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Just allow team managers to be able to upload their own jerseys which will get pulled from the Zwift servers; these aren’t huge textures, and nobody is asking to make this complicated.

WTRL on the other hand is forcing us, the riders to deal with the lack of garbage collection still not handled by Zwift.

We literally can’t even favorite bikes, or kits.

Personally, if a teammate says they can’t be bothered to try and find the correct team kit before the race because we can’t pin them, I’d tell them to say screw it and go as is…

This is something ZHQ needs to resolve that WTRL is pinning on the racers, for the 1%.