Group Rides/Races MUST have uniform kits

(Jonathan Brostoff) #1

It is much easier to ride in a group if everyone is wearing the same kit.  When riding in a group where everyone is wearing their own kit, it feels chaotic and difficult to stay with the group.  After a while, you don’t even know who is in your group.  Although you can look on the “Riders Nearby” list, it doesn’t really make things easier. 

Group rides and races should have one kit.  

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

During the WBR rides on the 3th of December we were all riding in the same kit. This is an option for the race leader when creating/requesting an event. 

(Robert Sims [BRT] TFC B) #3

I would definatly make this a standard for all races/group rides if the race leader activated it so when join event your jersey changes to the standard one. Even better if could have different jersey for different category of rider during races so know exactly who you are racing against

(Charlie Issendorf) #4

All race/group ride organizers have the option to request if they would likee everybody to be in the same kit.  Personally, I think it’s a good idea for group rides but when I race I like the ability to identify racers by their different kits.  If everybody is in the same kit it can be difficult to spot who the other racers are when they attack - everybody looks the same.

Charlie Issendorf / Zwift VP Events

(Jonathan Brostoff) #5

Regarding races, that’s a good point, Charlie.  Perhaps there could be some identifying mark on the jersey so you know by looking at the rider, whether s/he is part of the race.

(Mark Hewitt) #6

In both group rides and races I find it better if everyone is *not* wearing the same kit. However being able to pick out who is in the event and who is not is important. So some other clue would be useful, e.g. riders glowing, riders not in the event have grey/muted colours, or are slightly translucent?

(Neil Smith) #7

I definitely think racers should have the same kit with a big letter of the category your in on the back. Also a beacon that changes with the leader of the race that only the people in your category can see.

(Sherman Heydrich) #8

-1 on same kits.  Ever been in 60 rider pack in Zwift trying to GUESS who you are?  WE are not Grunions!  I immediately leave a group ride if it changes my kit. 

I agree use some other manner to ID all folks in an event.

(Gerrie Delport) #9

I would also prefer different kits, but with a race number on the back.