Ride & Race Numbers instead of mass jersey change??

On many rides/races when you join your kit changes to the event kit.  I get that  BUT in larger events you start to feel like a bee in the hive.  Also hard to spot who you are in the pack.  New customization will help for sure but how about instead of a mandatory kit how about a race/ride number on our jersey?  In the order we join.  Seems like it would make ranking races easier too?

My work around is often to join a ride, get rolling, then quit the event to get my own avatar back then ride along but that has down sides too.

Please consider?



This has been suggested a few times, please vote up the existing suggestions so Zwift knows what the users want.

sure but I didnt find it and in using the new chat feature the Zwift said he was not aware of that comment already in…I will search again.

ok found it under race dossards…but I would want it for ride events too…but as requested upvote placed here: