Jersey Creator...With Options for Rider Name etc

Like the Workout creator, it would be nice if we could customize our jerseys.  

As part of this Jersey creator, riders could add pertinent info about themselves on their kits such as name, age, weight, ftp, p/w etc.  Although Zwift has the “Riders Nearby” list, it would be much easier to read on the jersey…and easier to follow in a ride.  In addition, as a 51 year old, it would also make me feel better if I knew the guy who dropped me was only 25, weighed 135 pounds and had an ftp of 275.  


I personally wouldn’t mind this however, a great many would consider it a privacy issue.

Of course these items would be optional.  With a jersey creator program you COULD add whatever info YOU wanted to add…or nothing at all.

In addition, the ability to add a logo to show an personal affinity or cause would be great.

I feel this would be abused and cause issues if people could do what ever design they wanted on a jersey. 

Name or nickname on the back of the jersey would be cool.

Instead of the same jersey, how about two race numbers pined on your own the jersey pockets? The left one with a 3 letter event code,  the right one with the category (A,  B,  C,  D). 

One day,  I am sure that we will be able to have our own club jerseys, when that happens,  I will prefer to hang to our club outfit for event and races. 

Being able to easily see the people around you name, event and cat would be helpful during races