feature request

(Richard Young (SpaldingTri)) #1

hi, any chance of a suffix feature in the profile? at the moment you have first and last name it would be cool for a club suffix so you can put the name of your cycling / triathlon club and it be visible while riding so you can see other club members riding at the same time.


and for further down the line maybe club jerseys, would be cool if we could have a editor on the website, some sort of design tool, choose shirt colour etc and then upload a logo.  If you make custom jerseys upload to a cloud database after a while of USERS making jerseys i imagine there would be quite a selection which you didn’t have too sit and make yourselves.




(Scott) #2

We’ve got plans for clubs. Stay tuned!

There’s definitely a healthy interest in custom jerseys. We’ve got some ideas we’re toying around with as we monitor demand. 

(John Hodgson (CLS) 'FERRET') #3

I see some people have words on their backs …how do they do that ??