Race Numbers "Dossards"

In order to make the viewing of other race entrants easier to spot, would it not be possible to add to the rear of the jersey a dossard appear which has the TAGline of the race the person is involved with.  eg KISS/ZTR/ ODZ  etc etc?

It is sometimes so difficult to keep a race peleton together on a crowded Zwift circuit.

The last request similar was way back in 2015 - hence the bump of a new request.




Yes, two race numbers on the jersey pockets. 

Left one with the race letter code, right one with the category (A, B, C…)

I was thinking the same thing. It’d be so nice (and realistic) for everyone in a race to be wearing a number. It would make identifying your fellow race participants easier. 

Yes do this in lieu of mandatory kit  +1