Race Bibs

(W es DaPirate {TFC}) #1

Would it be possible to have Race Bibs with name of group/race and entry number?  Then if you sign up for a group or race everyone knows without having to search down the list.  Plus group rides/races could be sponsored or charity type events  by posting name on Bibs etc…

(K.C. Race3R) #2

Everything except specific race numbers should be easily done … For specific race numbers, I suggest an extention to your surname for now – WSR #12

(stuart lynne ptz) #3

With the event module it is easy to assign a BIB number uniquely to each participant. Just use the order the person arrives in the event paddock.


(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #4

Question is, would it be visable during crowded events? If you have your resolution settings to low, would the bib number be visable? It might be easy to implement but I think there is some serious work behind it.

(Gareth Wedley - WBR (C)) #5

I like this idea. I was recently in a race where two races (BRS and KISS, multi categories) were running at roughly the same time around the same route! It was so hard to work out who was part of each event. A simple system with a ‘race number’ that has the race abbreviation (KISS, BRS etc) and maybe in different colours to identify category would really help to clean things up. The more popular zwift becomes, the harder it will be to race unless we have some easy to see on-rider identifier. 

(PC Mountain) #6

I was thinking the same thing. It’d be so nice (and realistic) for everyone in a race to be wearing a number. It would make identifying your fellow race participants easier.