Race Bib

Add a coloured (match category) Race Bib to each race participant’s jersey. Use pen position as the Bib number.

This will make it easier to know who is in what category and to make it easier to identify participants you are working with or are working against you etc.

It will even be better if race orginizers use the option to only show racers in your category then you know you race against all of them.


Separated categories work great IF (and only if) you have a large number of people entered.

Smaller races (e.g. the frequent 3R events) run with everyone starting together. Much better to have a multiple category race with 20-30 people than four races each with 4-6 people.

Also, for chase races (D’s start first, C’s later, B’s after C’s, finally A’s) where each category is trying to catch the slower one ahead of it, having the coloured bib’s will help to identify who is who. You get some information from the rider list, but past a dozen people it is useless.


I think for small races the categories should start 20seconds to 1min apart then the slow riders will be picked up by the faster riders in the lower category.

I just don’t like the idea that the top races in B just hang on the A’s, it removes the tactics.

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For mass start races hanging with the fastest riders (in your cat or not) IS a tactic.

And the spread of abilities and speed is roughly the same for (example) a 100+ high end B race (e.g. WTRL ZRL) as a 20-40 mass start race.

And, if you want to get faster, race up, either do mass start and try and stay with the front or just race the next category up.


I get your argument, but I still don’t like mass start. There is always a few A’s that drop from the main group and then close every gap that the front B’s create. A strong B can’t try a breakaway in the beginning because the A group just close the gap, but a strong A can because there in no higher cat to chase him down. That is why WTRL ZRL is so popular because the different cats can play tactics.

I do training to get faster, I do racing to have fun with different tactics and playing to my strengths.

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Regardless, the suggestion is for Bib numbers.

Even racing IRL other than close friends and team mates you tend to remember bib numbers for the people around you in a race.

Easier to rember 97 than guy in green kit on yellow tron bike.

Sure a colored bib number will be awesome. The pro’s in ZRL had bib numbers. Colored numbers like that.

We got a bit distracted with details.

Sometimes even for recognizing yourself in 3rd person view in those races where they put everybody in the same jersey.