Mass start events: only show lower categories

I had this idea :bulb: after I raced in an event where all categories see each other. I had a awesome race got in a break with 7km to go and opened up a 20sec gap BUT 3 A riders pulled 5 B riders and they closed the gap, if that 3 A’s was invisible those 5 would probably not be able to close the gap.

The idea is:
To have all categories above yours be invisible.

Do if you are in category C you will only see C and D so the people off the back in C will have D riders to ride with but the top C’s won’t have the B’s to hang on to.

I still prefer all separate groups but I understand many organizers don’t do that because some races are small.


I know you have dislike the mixing but I am all for it. Its the people in front that inspire me to try harder etc. And when in small fields due to timezone, this would be far better than racing up a cat.

You know me well. Yes I don’t like the mixing, it takes the strategy out of the race.

This option can give race organizers another option.

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