Category ranking while racing

 Currently there is a ranking for the event as a whole which is great. I’d like to see that extended so that it shows your category ranking (A-D etc) as well.
During the mass start events its nigh on impossible to figure out how you are placing in your category, I believe this additional ranking would fix that and add to the racing experience.

I don’t understand the question/request. the point of mass start events is not to have categories. or am I missing something?

Perhaps mass start isn’t the best description.

Take last nights CVR race, ( it was a mass start (all cats off at the same time) but we are competing primarily against people in our category. While racing you can see the overall placing in the race (from all cats) but you have no way of knowing where you are placing with regards to the category placing.
Each category has it’s own colour on the mini map so this helps but you can’t judge placing from it.

Something like below to illustrate. 

Oh P.s. just realised I started this on the girlfriends account, whoops! 

Makes sense.


i managed to get in a race with over a minute to group ahead and behind. Was a lonely solo ride but I had no idea or sense of where I was vs the competition.

Totally agree. I am really surprised that this hasn’t been implemented already. 

I am cat D rider. I enter the race by selecting the “D” category icon on the initial screen. I then choose ‘RIDE’ to start riding and join the race at the start line.

At one point in the race I could see from the leader board that I was surrounded by category C’s and a single D rider. I had absolutely no idea where I was in relation to the other Cat D riders. 

I could see that I was in 61st position overall but that pretty much means nothing to me.