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Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but I have just completed the Kiss Am race in the B cat. half way round we caught up to the C’s, but IMO these should be blocked out if possible as it plays havoc with the race when the C group joins on the B train. Every descent been a lightweight was like playing roulette! it’s not also fair on the remaining C’s who didn’t have the sprint to latch on who otherwise wouldn’t have been dropped.

Is this anyway possible to implement ?

The race organiser has the ability to hide different categories from each other. That would solve the problem of catching different groups. So you could talk to the race organiser.


As Ben said, it is a option for race organizers to select. I don’t know why they opt not to use it, my feeling is they only cater for the A group and don’t know how this effect the other groups.

Thanks for the reply guy’s

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