Filter by Category in Races

Not sure if you can already do this or if it has been requested already, but doing some Crit races over the past month it would be really useful if I could filter all the riders out who aren’t in my category. At the start it is just one big giant blob of colour until things spread out over the first five mins, but even then it can be hard to know where you are and who you’re trying to catch in an event where there are 100 riders or upwards.

My suggestion would be that where the list of riders is on the right of the screen, there could be a toggle to either see all of the racers, or just those who are in Cat D or C or whatever.

This is an event config issue. From what I think you’re saying, you’ve entered a mass start event with all categories starting at the same time.

But it would be helpful if it showed your position in your category, agreed.

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That’s correct. I don’t mind starting all together, and actually prefer it in many ways as it lets me hang on the coat tails of categories above, but it can get muddled where there are lots of people in the event.