add identification for people in group ride

would be nice to have something to indicate when you are part of a group ride - something in the username for example or an armband.

currently people are using a specific jersey for this but not all jerseys are available to all.

Maybe add race numbers on rear pockets. Could set-up useful info in advance like type of ride you’re doing (workout, free ride, group ride, etc), planned duration, w/kg, etc, etc. Would make staying with a group and/or joining others easier.

To help more easily identify a person in certain ride, a badge specific to the event or group would be nice.  The badge would be similar to the Zwift Staff badge next to the country flag for Game Master on the rider list.

For instance, for the WSR group ride, with this badge we don’t need to put WSR after our last name in the profile.

For races I’d love to see race numbers. It would more realistic and it would make identifying your fellow race participants easier. I’d also love it if everyone always put their category after their user name.