identify riders in group ride or event

(Andre De Angelis) #1

It’s confusing knowing which riders are participating in your group ride as you pass other riders not participating in that group ride.   It would be great to be able to either highlight the riders in your group or hide the riders that are not.

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

We will add this to our list of requested features to consider.  In the meantime a great way to do this, is have everyone in the ride add the ride name to their last name.  For example, if you do Zwift Academy… add ZA to the end of your name, or if you’re participating in Prudential Ride London, add PRL to the end of your name.  Also most group rides have an official jersey you’re supposed to choose and wear while on the ride, this helps the group identify each other. If you aren’t sure what jersey to select, you can join the ride a little early and ask your fellow riders or check out what they are wearing and then change your avatar on the menu screen in game. 

(Andre De Angelis) #3

Thanks Crystal. That explains why some of the riders in the group have the group appended to their names. I’m a noob so thought this was some mark of achievement.

Still, it doesn’t help much from a visual standpoint.

(Richard Treadway) #4

One idea would be to show the riders not in the event in the rider list in a different color or smaller font to distinguish them from riders in the event

(Andre De Angelis) #5

I think visual cues on the avatars themselves is needed. The rider list doesn’t help much of your group is merged with other riders not participating in the group ride. Even a toggle to temporarily hide those riders would be handy.

(Tim Heffner (S9R p/b Vittoria)) #6

For people participating in the event, why not “ghost” the other riders.  Keep the computer generated ghost blue, and make “real people” ghosts yellow or some other contrasting color.  This would still allow a level of interaction with non event riders.  But, it would be clear who’s on the ride, and who isn’t.  For those not participating in the event real person riders (group ride or not) would look normal.   

(Andre De Angelis) #7

Sounds good to me. Frankly the AI blueghosted riders make no sense to me.

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #8

When in a gated, organized ride/race, what about virtually making everyone else disappear…not there to draft off of, get in the way, etc. Is that possible (i.e., is it possible to have parallel maps of the same route where those riding on the same spot on the ‘road’ can’t se each other…like a parallel universe)? Otherwise strongly marking non-ride riders would be great (e.g., transparent, whatever)…could also code it so non-racers can’t provide draft etc to those in events. It DOES get confusing when you’re hanging on someone’s wheel and look up and it’s not someone on the ride and the actual people on the ride/race have rolled away. People not in the events still see us and want to draft/ride etc (confession: I’ve done that myself when not officially in an event…hard to resist if you’re looking for people about your speed to ride with.)

(Alvaro Valencia ZHR (I)) #9

On real races a tag with a number is use: who hard is give raider  a Tag on the Jersey with Color and black event ID  and Numbers?

(Alvaro Valencia ZHR (I)) #10

Routing is important too: Mean as I choose and event select my route and do not any other Program Link do changes, so the group will do all participants the same route.

My first experiance doing an event was horrible for issues iike those commented here

and I am a Premium suscriber