Group Names


On sunday I had my first group ride, the ARR. I lost my group on the second lap due to three reasons.

  1. Like first and last name, there should be a group name field with a quick change button on the iPhone app. The group name should be behind the driver name in the realtime driver list. *

  2. If we have a group name, the server knows, on which position of the group I am. Due to the fact, that I know in which group I am, in my own driver list on the right side of the screen (e.g. “Konrad, 273/274”, so I know how large the group is and that I am the second last and should accellerate). **

  3. the first of the group should have a small flag, which I can see even from 100ft behind. So I know where I am in the group.

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* either I join an existing group (at least one member is on track) or I setup a new one. If setting up, you ask for name and direction (normal / reverse). You can even ask for the amount of laps. If the first crosses the start line you take a look how large the group is at this moment. If the last one crosses the start line you start the lap counter for everyone.


** It should be easy to arrange the group if you take a look, who’s next to the finish line. In the short moment everyone crosses the line, there’s a chaotic renumbering. But I think we all can live with that. After the last lap you don`t reset the counter, so the users get their personal finisher 

From Steve Sullivan in a separate thread as well:

It is cool that people are “Tagging” their name if they are going to join a group or race event. That way it is easy to find people in your event. People are adding this tag to their last name … Like PAC or ZGR. A better and cleaner way to do this might be to have a “Tag” data field in your profile that you can change. Maybe a 4 character limit ?? This data field can show up on the name list like it does now, so it would be easy to spot people. It works pretty good the way it has evolved. I am sure the Zwift team can incorporate this great idea into the UI. Sorry I posted this to beta, it should be here in feature requests.

See also this other thread along the same lines:


Too much hassle now to change it every time/day

Thanks for putting it on the todo list

It shouldn’t be limited to a very short arbitrary limit. 4 characters definitely isn’t enough. Some examples include “ZTR-EB” (a race event) and “VISION” (a team/group).

Putting event name in the group name would be less beneficjant that keeping group and automatical event attachment. They should not be mixed.

These two would be very useful with filtering (both for messages and in the “nearby” list).