Add a descriptor

how about adding a descriptor line on the app which can appear with the riders name instead of having to change your name. Perhaps have a drop down which remembers previous descriptors eg. KISS 

Hi Estelle,

Would this line be another field you can enter any descriptor to? Most other on-line games (such as World of Warcraft) just allow their users to modify their names since their allegiances or groups can change so often.

I think that allows for the most flexibility but would love to hear your thoughts.

Why do the group rides request these username changes? (KISS, S2T, etc)

If they’re looking to keep track of their riders, can’t that be figured out by querying a list of all the riders who joined and stayed for the event?

I agree a third “name” field is a good idea. First name, last name, and “team name” (or whatever you want to call it).

Just add a new field “Team” which shold be automatically populated with the correct value (KISS, etc) required by that ride when you join the ride event. No need for the users to get busy or to remember to change it before each ride.