Keeping Track of Name Changes

I was wondering if it would be possible for Zwift to keep track of each name change a Zwifter does in game so we can know if we’re really listening and speaking to who we thought. I was recently told that some creepy person had changed their name to mine or something close enough as to impersonate me on at least one group ride that I know of. I didn’t post right away because I wasn’t sure if I cared enough or not, but upon thinking about it I realized that such a person could cause a lot of damage if they wanted to. Maybe there already is a system in place for that, but I’m not sure how to tell if I am really riding with the same regular I rode with last week or not. I know Steam keeps a publicly available history of name changes so maybe that can be duplicated here. Thanks.

Check Zwiftpower for that. They keep track.

That doesn’t help if they aren’t on zwiftpower.

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That’s a problem.

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I just logged onto Zwiftpower and I don’t see any way of searching for a group ride in the past I was never on and for someone with my name or something similar enough that it fooled people unfortunately.

Look under aliases

Ok thanks, but that doesn’t show me other people who changed their name to mine and are impersonating me on rides I haven’t participated in. So this doesn’t address my concerns at all. I hope that Zwift and its fanboys aren’t pro-harrassment.

Why are people impersonating you? Your name is unique and I guess there aren’t too many with it?

A better idea might be to expand the “verification” system to identity verification, get rid of aliases, and enforce everyone to use their real name? Would be less fun though, not allow you to disambiguate betweeen two people with the (legitimately) same name, and have possible privacy impact for those who would rather remain anonymous.

Maybe an icon next to each person’s name as to whether that’s someone on your “followers” list or not would work?