When I first started using Zwift everyone was using their real names. Or at least a name that looked real. Lately there has been an influx of users using all kinds of fake names including website URLs and combinations of first and last names that make up other words. Some initials are upper case. Some all caps. It’s starting to look a bit crazy in the rider list.

I understand that not everyone wants to use their real name, but should we at least have some consistency? or is this just the new reality as the number of people using Zwift grows?

Sorry !

Realised I’d better change mine due to the (work) hours I’ve been riding :wink:

I’m in agreement with this also. I’ve seen at least one name fairly regularly I feel is a bit offensive and has no place in a public network.

This is a topic we are discussing internally…

Any progress on this?  I rode with a “F.*ckTrump” today.   I’m not airing political beliefs here but the “F*ck” is disturbing.