Spam in usernames

I often see riders using the username field to promote their website.I don’t think this should be used for advertising.

Agreed, if they haven’t paid/received approval for that right it should not be allowed.

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50/50% on this one. If it’s someone promoting a relevant website, I don’t see the harm. If someone is promoting something malicious or inappropriate then that should merit a violation.

Example: A local bike shop in my area has a Zwift demo unit setup and has their website in their username. It makes sense in their case.

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They should have to be approved by Zwift (maybe paid for the privileged) and their names should be a different color like Green instead of normal users being white.

This needs to be controlled.

I disagree Paul, changing color for “commercial” riders would soon turn the rider section into a mess.

I kind of agree with I van, let’s say 50/50 ;-), I see no harm in demo units using the name of the bike store they are located at. However what I do not agree on is people having full websites in usernames.

If the software is free then I don’t mind “being the product” (like facebook for example), however we all pay for Zwift, $15 starting next month… when I pay for a product I expect it to be as good as add free. I don’t mind Zwift partnering up with companies doing challenges etc but I would be well annoyed if during the entire ride there’d be website names in the riders, especially if they were then marked in a different color as well.

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Totally agree with not wanting to be the product on Zwift, Evert. Although I do see a potential problem with local bike shops advertising their name on Zwift: if an in-store Zwift session is a good way to reach local bike riders, it would be good for the store to leave those Zwift sessions running 24/7. This could eventually lead to Zwift getting filled with riders stopped along the road.

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Thinking about this a bit more: it would be trivial to have an ‘advertisement avatar’ actually riding on Zwift 24/7, using an ant+ development kit simulating a power meter. With the neon-colored outfit and the tron bike, this would be a very cheap way to advertise in Zwift, and a very easy way to annoy actual Zwift users.

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