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I’ve just got a follow request from a girl with an rather “exotic” name - Anna S__ - judging from the attached profile screenshot I guess Zwift should remove this user ASAP :thinking: :wink:



Please contact Zwift Support:

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You mean she’s not real? I thought she was just impressed by my last ride!


There are actually no safeguards in Zwift against spam. One can create a user, and start spamming…

If only there was an activity threshold for this…

(I would have opened a feature request for that, but we all know the results :joy:)


It should be easy to flag a user. Multiple flags and the system disables their account for review.

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Yep. This person is making the rounds with various names. I’ve already reported this, but doubt anything will happen. One of the previous names was Anna WannaF*#k (I changed a couple of the letters).

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Can’t flag a user if there’s no activity (as far as I know).

Got this spam from Anna Somethingorother today wanting to follow me. Same website listed; quite an explicit avatar photo :grimacing:


Maybe Zwift can make a rule that that you can’t follow someone until you reach level 2 or 3 or something like that. Might be a bit inconvenient for new users but if i remember correctly first level can be obtained pretty quick. It could still have people follow you on level one.
I can only see this getting worse as Zwift gets more visibility.


Hi Everyone!

There have been a lot of accounts similar to this lately. Feel free to flag them for us via companion, or send us an email at letting us know, and we will get these all sent up to our Account Management Team to get taken care of properly. And as always, any suggestions and feedback are welcome!


Ride On!

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Here is a suggestion: disallow posting, following, anything - unless account shows some real activity.

How about that for a suggestion?

Zwift, Kindly please update us all about implementation.



Would you mind telling me how to flag? I just started Zwift over a month ago & just today someone tried following me and their image is a website link for nudes :angry: and I’m here to practice riding. Not get spammed

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You can flag them in the ZCA, but they would need to be in an activity.

So sorry what is ZCA?

I sent a message on support, notified Zwift via DM on IG. I’ve screen captured the 2 accounts this person goes by. Still waiting for a response from support

I’ve sent about four reports so far. They don’t appear to be doing anything to actually stop it in the first place.

Zwift Companion App

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Thank you so much. They don’t have any activities

Got another one—Anna Kolsik

Same one I bet. This person seems to keep the first name as “Anna” but changes the last name. No activity, right?