Children safety

Hi. Any users out there with kids. What’s the setting to stop people following. I have this all the time and now an explicit came up to which I have a shot off. Xxx basically requested a follow!

Image removed due to graphic content.

I removed the image due to graphic content.

Please contact Zwift Support directly about this matter.

There have been several threads about this in the last couple of days.

Does Zwift allow follow request for zero miles riders?

They shouldn’t, but obviously they do.

If I recall correctly, all kids accounts are set to private by default and all followers have to be approved/accepted. This obviously doesn’t stop spammers from making the request to follow. More needs to be done to keep these fake accounts from being created in the first place.

@Mark_Cote @Wes I hope this is on your radar.


Absolutely, and even more than that: the follow request should only be seen (and possibly approved) by the child once approved by the parent.

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We’ve been busy shutting down this latest spam attack. It’s a never ending battle against people with ill intent, and our team is addressing ways to stay a step ahead of them, especially when it comes to protecting children in our community.