Odd follow requests.

I’ve recently been getting some odd follow requests like  as the one below.  I’m wondering. If I will be getting invitations to share prurient photos next.

maybe there should be a third option to report requests as inappropriate, as well as to approve or deny them?


That’s the Strava app, maybe you should also make them aware of the issue.

You’re right. My mistake.  But it likely is just a matter of time before someone tries to use Zwift for phishing, or to market webcam services, etc.  


There have been some spammers on the forums already.

I saw something similar a month or two ago. I reported it to Strava, who were not overly-concerned IMHO. Their first reply was just to block the ‘athlete’.

When I persisted, they asked ME to find the profile that contacted me for them (even though I gave them full details in my first email).

I like Strava OK and I use it pretty much every day. But (again IMO) they have a little bit too much California Mellow going on for my liking.

Lucky!  Seems legit.