Anyone else who recevied something like this...?

Anyone else out there who has recevied something like this from Zwift without no reason?

I got this in my mailbox tonight and wonder why and how it could happen…
Looks like it is from Nicolas LaVeaux who is working at Zwift as Accounts Specialist at ZwiftHQ or Member Account Manager.

The message is as follows:

"Hi Hans,

My name is Nick and I’m contacting you from Zwift.

We have received reports of unwanted contact between you and several other members of our community.

Those members have directly requested that you cease all contact with them, both in Zwift and outside of the game. Additionally, multiple other follow requests have been declined already.

*Continuing to contact these members can and will result in action being taken upon your account, up to and including a shadow ban. A “shadow ban” means that you would no longer able to chat with others, you would be rendered invisible to others, you would not be able to follow members through the Zwift Companion app, and other social features would become restricted. *

*I do not believe this should be necessary and would prefer to avoid it, as it would affect other areas of your Zwift experience. But, we have a strict policy against harassment and strive to maintain a safe and positive environment for every Zwifter. We have an open line of communication with the members that have made these reports and will consider action upon receiving further complaints. *

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. For the sake of privacy, we cannot provide you with information regarding the members who have issued these complaints.

Thank you for your understanding,
Team Zwift"

Something is suverly wrong here so I wonder if someone else got this. I haven’t contated anyone outside of Zwift or inside Zwift for that matter that would result in something like this message. Please let me know and Zwift please investigate this so you can stop the spreading if something is wrong in your systems.

/Hans Bergsten <<>> Member/Groupleader SZR/Team SZ [Sweden]

Are you sure the email is genuine? It could be someone pretending to be from Zwift.

I’d ask for evidence of what has been alleged. It’s in the interests of natural justice that you see what are the allegations against you and permit you to explain why they are incorrect.

Sounds like someone you beat in a race

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Hi Hans!

Feel free to contact us at with the details of this email and we can look into this for you! If it was from Nick, we’ll find out for you, and if it wasn’t we can investigate what’s going on!


This is Unacceptable ZWIFT!!!

I was tonight riding with some friends and after a while I understood that they didn’t see me!
Then we started to investigate this and I wrote Group Messages, Private Messages, Sent Thumbs, Group Thumbs etc. BUT NO ONE SAW ANYTHING… They didn’t see me and I could NOT interact with them but I saw everything as usual on screen…

(Perfect for a race if no one saw me riding of in the sunset!!!)

Zwift check this because this is NOT Okey!!!
You thought this at first was just a SPAM and not legit but something has clearly happen to my account today. How could you do that if this is you (Zwift) doing this?

If you accuse me of these things, writing to people and hazzle them I want from you what I have been writing. I haven’t been writing to no one so this is SO WRONG!!!

Please help me… Is this the procedure you have in Zwift to sanction peoples account with restrictions without asking them or give proof of what has happened???

PS. I have a Tempo Team Trial tomorrow and how can I ride with them if they can’t see me anymore? DS.

/Hans Bergsten
Team SZ ::: GroupLeader/Member

Did you contact as @Seth_Steen suggested?

I am also going to tag @Wes and @shooj since they might be able to assist you.

I have contacted Seth earlier today… Thanks!

As I said I rode tonight and my friends couldn’t see me at all. I am right now a ghost rider much like Nick described was the ban. But I haven’t been contacted by Zwift so if they are just pushing bans on members without any communication is terrible.

This is very serious and I now wonder if my account has been hacked in some way.


It sounds very serious to me that I have treated and hazzled people inside and outside of Zwift Commuinty… Jesus… I questioned a neighbours watts one time on the app because it showed like 450w for 1,5h (Member: REMOVED NAME)) And why is that I saw many reacted to his watts and called him a cheater and he has or IRL cyclingclub name in his name so not so good PR for our cycling club (one of the oldest in Sweden).

Please Zwift… Check this for me…
I got really schocked and upset, sad, angry tonight that this is happening…

/Hans Bergsten

Your situation is a private matter and is not appropriate to discuss on this forum. If you care to discuss further, please do so with Nick via email.

This thread will be locked now.